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Andrew Kozozenski

Lindsay Brand

Eng 096-43

12, November 2014

Timed writing 3

People in professional work places can often feel as if they are not getting enough credit for their work that is being done weather or not they are succeeding or failing. It's obvious that the ones who are succeeding are seeing pay increases and are getting benefits, but what about those people who do try really hard and do put a lot of time and effort towards accomplishing what has been asked of them? Those who succeed should be the ones who see pay increases and more benefits.

Those employees who do try very hard and do put a lot of effort and time towards accomplishing what has been asked of them are indeed valuable people to a business. The problem is if they are not delivering the results that are asked or expected of them, then they should not be rewarded just for effort.

How can you reward someone for failing? From a business stand point I don't believe that you should necessarily fire those people or deduct pay from them but in no way should they be reward for simply trying and coming up short.

The employees who do show outstanding performance should be rewarded and that should motivate them to continue to succeed and work hard to continue to see positive results for their hard work. The difference between those who should be rewarded and those who shouldn't be is simply the outcome of their work. Also if the employee who wasn't rewarded for their work sees a fellow employee happy and receiving pay increases and benefits then that should just motivate them to do better and continue working just as hard if not harder. It's almost as if it brings a competitive drive...