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Assignment 2: Andrew Novikov, Benito Gonzalez, Karl Wolf, Iliana Landeros, Sylvia Chimhina, Joshua Monteyne

Based on your experiences in virtual teams, create your team's "Top 10" recommendations. Think creatively and practically: what do you know that's not in all the articles/books about virtual teaming? (list of 8-10)

Leverage off of people's strengths and provide support and help to those who need it.

Create an environment that embraces mistakes and unusual ideas, as they provide valuable opportunities for the team to grow.

Give the team time to establish appropriate roles for members through initial prep work, this will ensure that each member receives a role that compliments his/her strongest attributes.

Take the time to define, at the beginning of each assignment, an agenda with activities, roles, and due dates. This won't take much time and still, will help remove uncertainty among team members and improve quality and effectiveness.

Assume changing roles.

We all have "enjoyable roles" within a team and come from different professional and academic backgrounds, and that is why it could be natural for some team members to assume a certain constant role on group assignments. Trying to change roles forces us to learn and develop new abilities, and promotes innovation and creativity while leaving our comfort zone.

Define time duration for group sessions. Each member has a different work and personal agenda. That is why establishing a duration for face to face or online group sessions is more respectful to everybody´s time, while it also improves productivity during the meeting.

All members should agree and be satisfied with the final version

Spread responsibility as equally as possible, and encourage participation. Ask for feedback to ensure consensus is reached.

Define deadlines, and respectfully structure flexibility into the deadlines for time zones, life events, or work priorities that may occur.