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Franklin D. Roosevelt's Speech to the US My fellow Americans, following the devastation of the first Great War, the world took many steps to prevent such a great tragedy form occurring again. The Treaty of Versailles ended the First World War and punished Germany, who as we all know, was to blame for World War I. The League of Nations and Kellog-Briand pact were formed to keep peace through out the world and ensure that disputes were settled without bloodshed.

You may know that in Europe several powerful dictators have come into office since World War I. In an effort to expand their empire and gain power many of these leaders have violated the peace agreements. Our biggest European concerns at this time are Benito Mussolini of Italy, and Adolf Hitler of Germany. They have formed a powerful alliance, the Axis Powers, which are taking over countries including Ethiopia, Albania, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, and France.

Japan, also one of the Axis Powers, is invading China. These countries are considerably building up their armed forces, and in doing so, they are violating the agreement formed at the London Naval Conference in 1930.

In this great year of 1941, the fighting situation has become even more precarious. Germany and Italy are continuing to gain more and more land. Rome, Greece, and Yugoslavia have fallen into the hands of Hitler and Mussolini. Germany is gaining much of Russia's territory, and Japan has invaded Indochina. Already, the United States of America has passed the Lend-lease act, giving war materials to countries fighting these evil powers. That has not been enough though, and now the time has come to decide if we want to join in the fight to stop the war.

After a great many meetings, and discussions with congress, the...