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Fear is a feeling that can be felt in many situations. Some people only get wet frightened occasionally while some people seem to live most of their lives in fear.

Fear can be felt in a dangerous situation, when anticipating an event, and fear of unwanted circumstances.

When faced with a dangerous situation many symptoms of fear are displayed. Different dangerous situations may include hearing an intruder in the house or when unable to find a child. This Fear causes a high level of anxiety that can lead to a panic.

People also experience fear when they are anticipating an event they unsure about. For example; making a speech in front of a large crowd. Some people may have the fear of getting up in front of people, while others may just be afraid of messing up. Before this event the persons heart begins racing an they may begin to feel either really hot or really cold.

Finally, people can experience fear when foreseeing unwanted circumstances. They get nervous just thinking about what could happen. Some people have phobias that they live everyday afraid of coming in contact with whatever scares them. People with large trees around there house may fear them one day falling down, or being afraid of getting an illness that is common in their family.

Fear is a feeling some people seek while others dread. Some people live for the scary movies and roller coasters while others will stay away from them at all costs. Some people crave fear so much that they put themselves in dangerous situations. On the other hand, some people avoid there fears so much that it interferes with their daily lives. Fear, whether wanted or not, is a feeling of anticipation along with anxiety