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A man once said, "What is life? Life is like a big obstacle, put in front of your optical to slow you down, and every time you think you gotten past it, it's going to come back around and tackle you to the ground." Life is my biggest fear. Life is a gift, the ability to touch, smell, taste, hear, and see. Then society puts a standard to become something and to take advantage of an opportunity and make everything of it; the sky is the limit. What am I going to become when I'm older? Am I going to be a successful, mature, but most importantly happy man? Life is something that is a gift that should be praised and cherished. In a society full of principles and values, expectations are formed through family, friends, and relatives. Expectations that a person might not agree to or want to pursue but feels pressured or expected to chase.

Life is one of my biggest fears because of not knowing what the future brings, but living is waiting to see what the future brings. The future can bring pain or joy. The future can bring riches or poverty. The future is something that cannot be answered. A human being could be living a life that could be considered the American dream; Living in a white house with a white picked fence, a beautiful wife and kids and earning a six digit income and living comfortable. The American dream can be shattered in an instance

from many factors, one for instance Mother Nature such as hurricane Katrina. A tragic disaster that will go down in history for the damage it caused and lives taken but most importantly how it impacted the world itself. Enemies of the United States government offered to send...