Fear As I gradually slurped the remains of what was

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Fear As I gradually slurped the remains of what was left of my soup bowl I decided to polish off the remaining pools of my thick cold chicken soup trying to postpone my greatest fear of all. I decided I wouldn't talk at the table because I was just thinking about the loathsome night I would encounter.

"Honey, lighten up a bit, its Christmas tomorrow! You never know Santa Clause might have bought you that train set you have been asking for all year," said my mum with a look of Great Spirit upon her face. She obviously wasn't taking much notice to the dull, glum look on my face. She was still hoping for the 18 - carat Gold ring with encrusted diamonds smothering the pure white shiny metal, which she had asked for by making subtle remarks to my father for the past month and a half.

She also went to the extent of pinning pictures of it up using the magnets on the fridge and handing several across to my father, who was only half paying attention after he looked at the price which was as expensive as a small hotel, but the woman was persistent and now started rambling on about how nice it would blend with her equally expensive bracelet which had been bought several months earlier. I never replied to her light-hearted remark. For I knew that I would be meeting my greatest fear soon enough.

The time arose when again I heard the faint voice of my mother telling me that it was far past my bedtime. She had obviously lost track of time. So I got up off the stool and dragged my feet along the floor not knowing what this would achieve but anything would better than being alone in my room, which would soon be filled with just total darkness. So I slumped down on my bed, my head then hits the pillow and the lights go out with a few added words of 'Don't let the bed bugs bite' I then tried desperately to forget the few simple words because it wouldn't help. So I curl up in a ball and start reciting the lords prayer for I am conscious of all surrounding sounds, which amplify and echo around the now-bare walls of my room.

The door slowly creeks opens a jar and a shimmer of excess light from another peers inside my room. I hear a faint drum-roll like sound gradually ascending like a marching army in sequence getting closer.

I feel the Goosebumps on my now-shivering skin, 'They're coming!' I slowly pull the covers over my head making no sudden movements in case it may trigger them to attack. I couldn't see them before but I could now from the glimmer of light shining in, The monotony of these small merciless looking creatures already lined up with their aggressive stances. The pernicious beings with bloodthirsty looks upon there faces eagerly waiting for their signal to strike.

I can now also see some sort of luminous transfers shining from the chair at the far side of the room; they are as bright and illuminating as embers on a fire. These new species looked something quite the opposite but they looked like they were protruding out of some sort of Abyss but they just sat their motionless as if waiting for someone or something. The new creatures, which had emerged, looked somewhat benevolent compared to malicious others. I then sat up in my bed; sweat was dribbling down my face. I heard a high pitched scream that must have been their indication for the army of what looked like a small army to attack.

Now would be my only chance I decided to close my eyes and cry for help whilst I could, my voice rung out echoing throughout the house but no answer came. I unhurriedly opened my eyes looking round. That was the second my parents rushed into the room, My father stormed in first slamming the light on, he was carrying some sort of weapon but when he saw that there was nobody there he dropped it down by his feet. They slammed on the lights I looked up at them apologetically but when I saw the tumultuous look on their faces, I saw that they weren't to pleased of my actions by waking them up when there was no, apparent problems.

I thought by looking at the floor and letting them see the creatures I had envisioned would answer all my actions. I just pointed at the floor without looking. But when I saw that they were not amused by my pointing and demanded an explanation, would they believe me? I glanced down to see what I had thought would be the army but the apparent army happened to be my collection of terracotta soldiers, my brother must have been playing in my room earlier. I tried explaining the situation but after a few sentences, my parents had turned from a look of concern because of my scream to having a complete look of disbelief upon their faces, so I decided to give up! What I had thought of the moving troops moving at a drum role beat, was the rain beating against the window. Also where I had seen the slightly more friendly people it was the glow-in-the-dark wrapping paper of the Christmas presents that Santa Claus must have brought me sitting in a sack whilst I was recklessly sleeping.