Fear of Lost

Essay by redadmiralHigh School, 11th grade September 2004

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When I was twelve years old my family decided to visit Disney Land in the summer vacation. I was very happy that I would travel to a place I heard a lot about. The idea was like an adventure to me but what makes it a real adventure that I was lost from my parents in the crowded streets of Disney.

In the fourth day of our trip we visited the Epcot Center. There after we finished playing at the Mexican city and the old Indian camp, I went with my dad to buy an ice cream before we got to meet the rest of the family at the main street where the nightly carnival is going to pass. I walked behind my dad to catch the sore before the beginning of the show.

While we were walking the lights started to go down gradually and a sound of music begin to become loud gradually with a small fireworks.

Now the place was all dark, the music is louder and the beautiful mixtures of fireworks lighten up the sky like the daylight. I was watching everything around me forgetting everything about my dad. Suddenly I got my tension back and I called my dad but he didn't answer. At that point I recognized that the man in front of me wasn't my dad. Then I turned left and right trying to find him but I couldn't see him in the crowded dark street.

At first my body began to tremble a little bit and my hands start sweating. Then trying to work my mental abilities putting aside my fear trying to solve this problem. I remembered that they don't close the gates until they make sure that there isn't a missing child but I can't relay on that cause...