Fear in our lives

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In life we will always be presented with opportunities and chances that we know we must take, but are afraid to. In the story, The First Born Son, both of the featured characters are afraid of the chance, but know they must accept it. David, the son, reveals to his father that he despises the rural lifestyle and resents his father for making him spend his childhood on a farm. He was afraid to tell his father, he didn’t wasn’t to disappoint his father. He knew that his father intended to pass down the farm to him after he was too old to maintain it himself. David is afraid that if he doesn’t tell his father he will end up like him, with no future. For this reason he tells him. David's father, Martin, is devastated by the move, as he had always planned on passing down his land to David.

He fears that if he has no son to pass the land to, strangers will buy the land and allow it to fall into disrepair, “There will be a stranger here, and nothing will e done the same. There will be a strange name in my house, and maybe they will let the alders creep back over the acre field because they did not clear it for the first time and plow it with their own hands”. David desperately wants to move to the city, he believes there to be no future at the farm, “but what did you ever amount to". He is greatly excited to leave the farm and live in the city; however Martin he is also scared for his father. It was very obvious and opts to stay until his father dies. On the other side, doesn’t want his first born son to stay...