Fear in the Psyche

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I came to this class with no previous cogitation about the fragile subject of psychology. Little did I know, human thought turned out to be very thought-provoking. This class has put a big lens over my views of human behavior. I once believed that I could easily pinpoint the motivation of every human action and reaction, but now I realize that human motivation comes from places beyond the conscious level. I never really stopped to imagine what my teachers in elementary school meant when they told me to be open-minded. The human brain can never be completely open to the innumerous thoughts and feelings flooding through it. Our brain operates on certain basic principles, which conspire to make a sense of self-actualization that is pleasant.

You can trace the evolution of human thought back to the days when nothing roamed the earth except shadows and dust. For example, an easily identifiable and universal moral of mankind would be that homicide is something a human being should never want to do.

People have to ask themselves why this belief arose in their morals. Despite the fact that a homicidal person might be wasting food, the real reason people don't want killers is fear. Fear is an amazing concept that our brain was founded on. It seams that fear is directly or indirectly linked to every action of every person on this planet.

If you think about it the entire race is a quivering, cowardly mass of optimistic nomads. I'm writing this paper because I'm afraid of failing the class, feeling disappointed, being unhappy, being lambasted by my parents, wasting my time, losing my time, failing college, and failing life. I think courage is an artificial word, used to lift the spirits of men. There would never be a reason to do...