Fear: region or country with shortage of resources and effects

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Angelica R. Drennan

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July 29, 2014


There are both similarities and differences between Harold Krebs and Eveline Hill. Krebs is the protagonist of the Ernest Hemingway's short story "Soldier's Home" while Eveline has the same role in James Joyce's short story "Eveline". Hemingway published "Soldier's Home" in1925. It was between World Wars I and II. Krebs can be seen as a part of Hemingway due to the fact that both Krebs and his creator were soldiers. It is plausible to say that Hemingway may have felt as Krebs did when he returned from the war. Joyce published "Eveline" in the year 1914. While World War I was going on, this story did not focus upon it. Both stories are about the protagonist's homes. Krebs felt as if he had no home while Eveline was stuck in hers.

To begin, it would be best to describe the similarities of the two characters and their stories.