Fear! speech which delves into what fear is and how it affects peoples day to day living.

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Lying underneath the covers, trying hard not to breathe. Trying hard not to let them know I am here. Plagued by the thought of their wickedness and immortality. The lights no longer illuminate what was once a place of safety and warmth. A place I knew I could not feel pain or be on the receiving end of anger. But now I am vulnerable, as every shape becomes the monster luring me into his trap ready to transport me to the world of darkness.

Clinophobia is related to the fear of sleep, which many people associate with dying. In early childhood we are taught to recite the scary prayer, 'if I should die before I wake...' inciting bouts of troubled sleep, turning our beds into potential tombs in which we are berried alive night after night.

Whether it's monsters under the bed just waiting for you to close your eyes, the echoing of "night noises" resonating off darkened bedroom walls or the anticipation of creepy nightmares, sleeping can prove a scary prospect for young and old alike.

As long as fear exists, men will never be free. Most of the time, it is a driving force that takes away human motives. It originates from innate depths of peoples souls and controls the self-assurance they need to survive. It has the power to take complete control over thoughts and emotions.

For example a phobia is an anxiety disorder in which the affected person experiences excessive or irrational fear of a specific situation, object or activity. These fears disrupt their ability to function in normal daily activities.

Fear of animals? Do spiders give you the shivers? Snakes make you shudder? Moths make you squirm? There are over twenty-five different phobias in this list. And then sometimes its what you see all around...