Feasibility Analysis of Alternative Fuel Vehicles

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With fuel costs rising, alternative fuel vehicles are becoming exceedingly attractive to the consumer. After thorough research, it is our opinion that Lotus Car Rental Corporation should invest in the purchase of a small fleet of Alternative Fuel cars. Lotus Rental Car will reduce expenses, increase customer base, and have greater profits by adding alternative fuel vehicles to their fleet.

New legislative policies are being created in the automotive industry concerning fuel efficiency and pollution prevention. These policies are being implemented at both the State, and Federal, Government levels. The effects of these new regulations will be felt throughout the business world, but especially as they apply to our industry. The 1990 Clean Air Act has been the driving force in creating these changes, along with the Environmental Protection Agency's guide to the Clean Air Act (2002). The Environmental Protection Agency now has the power to fine a company for not following these regulations, unlike the past where court action was required.

(pg.2, para.2). With greater judicial powers, the chances of significant fines being levied by the Environmental Protection Agency has greatly increased, and Lotus Rental Cars must make sure that our company policies are in compliance with all regulations imposed by the Clean Air Act.

Not only must these laws be taken into account, but the laws targeting the fuel industry indirectly should be given consideration as well. New regulations calling for cleaner burning fuels have began to be implemented by many states... The 1990 Clean Air Act (2002) encourages companies to produce new alternate fuels that will burn cleaner and also provide mileage benefits (pg.4, para.8). The development and use of these new fuels is a contributing factor in the rising cost of fuel in general.

The Clean Air Act does bring up issues that must be...