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I n t r o d u c t i o n

Amidst the changing times new trends capture our hearts. As entrepreneurs it is our task to recognize these varying trends and cater to them accordingly. In today's demanding work schedules, individuals are caught up in a 'rat race' trying to adopt with the pace of time. We at Kadavura believe that humans need to take a break......expose themselves to the better things in life. We acknowledge this with our unique creation, an opportunity for our clients to enjoy an Ultimate Camping Experience.

We have recognized the intensifying trend towards adventure holidays especially in the Asian region. Situated in Sri Lanka gives us the ideal opportunity to make the most of this promising trend. We have set upon the task of providing our clients with all necessary requirements to ensure that they get this first hand experience in the form of a camp.

At present the local market is open to be skimmed off this opportunity, as there are only a handful of organizations that provide this facility, none of which who are purely focused on camping. This gives us the ideal stepping-stone to establish our selves as a provider for this requirement

Kadavura is to be set up as a partnership consisting of four partners. Initially an investment of Rs.500,000 is required. This will be financed by a way of capital introduced by the partners of the organization. It is with much content that we announce none of the capital would be required to be provided by the way of loans.

The four partners of the organization will play a vital, active role in the organization. They would be paid a fixed salary each month for their efforts in addition of the equity stake they hold in the...