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On August 28th, 2003, two youths, Joshua and William Buckner were put on trial for the reckless homicide of Aaron Hamel. On September 5, the Hamel family filed a lawsuit against those they felt were responsible for their siblings death, a video games publisher named Take 2. Thomas Body reports.

EARLY in the evening of June 25th, 2003, Aaron Hamel, a 45-year-old nurse from Knoxville, Tennessee, was taking the I-40 highway home, through the nearby town of Newport. Aaron's cousin, Denise Deneau was in the passenger seat. The two were on their way back from a day out in the mountains. They were returning from a "great trip", as told by Denise to ABC news. "My cousin said, 'look at those flowers,' and then all of a sudden through my window came a bullet. The heat was so much I could feel it. On my lap, I saw broken glass and lots of blood.

I thought I had been shot."

But she hadn't. The blood belonged to her cousin Aaron, the driver of a car now out of control travelling at 100kmh against traffic. Now imagine that: being covered in shattered glass and blood, in an out of control car you have no way of stopping. And when the car fortunately- if fortune can even be considered in a situation like this- grinds to a halt against the guard rail, imagine looking to your side and seeing blood pouring from a hole in now lifeless cousin's temple. Head shot. Instant kill. Isn't that right kids?

On August 28th, 13-year-old Joshua Buckner and his 16-year-old stepbrother William Buckner pleaded guilty to the reckless homicide of Aaron Hamel. They had stolen two .22 calibre rifles from their parent's closet a week earlier and had hid them in the nearby woods. On...