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Federal Express, is a packaging and mail delivery company that had evolved 20 years ago. The company's strongest feature is its Human Resources department that had seeked to follow and concentrate on its mission statement throughout its growing years: "The Personnel Division is dedicated to maintaining a global environment consistent with P-S-P, quality standards, local culture, and relevant laws and regulations in which employees are motivated to high levels of achievement of corporate goals, attaining of career objectives, and 100% customer satisfaction" It is with this same objective that one is able to distinguish this company from its competitors, while being so efffective.


First of all Fedex HR practices revolve around its company culture. The motto "people first" is not merely for show. In fact Fedex truly believes and practice this. This is evident in its various Personnel programs like Human Capital Management Program [HCMP] and computer questionnaires that are constantly developed.

An ongoing project is HR culture integrated in various aspects of HR development.

For instance, for the purpose of maintaining an up to date employee information and assessment system, it maintains an online database where employees could access it for review at any time. Maintaining open personnel evaluation demonstrates a trusting relationship between the company and it's employees. That is why HCMP is efficient because using this trust, Fedex had been able to strive in its HR planning and development. Where employees are allowed top-down communication, they would trust their company to solve their problems, and correct it for them to perform better. This also allows job analysis to be more accurate as employees are motivated to disclose their job responsibility and take on new tasks. They are able to communicate their needs or their ability to work in certain departments that may not come...