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25 September 2014

Feed the Technology

One always wonders what technology is awaiting society in the future. In the novel Feed, the author M.T. Anderson gives his readers a possibility of what that technology will consist of. Feed takes place in a dystopian futuristic society where instead of computers there is feed. Feed is a super-internet connected to one's brain that they are completely in control of. Technology is a recurring theme in this novel. Anderson uses the characters' thoughts and the feed itself to show how technology is important and how it affects peoples' daily lives.

In the novel Feed, M.T. Anderson expresses the importance of technology through the thoughts and actions of the narrator and the other characters. The narrator of the story is Titus. The other main characters of the story are his friends, Link, Marty, Quendy, Calista, and Loga.

They are "null" one day (which through the context clues most likely means bored. They decide they want to take a trip to the moon. On their way there Titus' friends are messing around and making a lot of noise. Titus thinks to himself, "I tried to tell myself that being here was not re: sleeping but re: being with your friends and doing great stuff." (Anderson9). The term "re:" probably means considered. Through this thought, there is emphasis on Titus' own take on the technologies he has access to. Later in the novel, Titus says, "You need the noise of your friends in space."(Anderson18). This quote by Titus leans towards technology being not so great. As society knows space from what the media tells them is that space is very quiet. Feed is so high-tech that one doesn't need to talk to communicate. It helps...