Feeding The World

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Feeding The World

The human population is growing at an incredible pace. It's growth has led to an excess of food demands throughout the countries. The challenge remains in equally sharing food between seven billion people. Africa and Asia represent the main subject to conquer world hunger as two thirds of the hungry live in those continents. One question remains problematic, how can we manage to feed the world? A few well manifested solutions have been suggested and commenced. The causes of hunger, the solutions provided and the link between world hunger and the north-south relation will be discussed in the following text.

The main causes of World Hunger are caused by War, climate change, agriculture practices, population growth, and poverty. Poverty is one of the main causes of world hunger, if a family is sinking into poverty they are obliged to stretch every penny they have into food, health care, education, seeds to grow crop, agriculture tools, and farming equipment.

Some might try to get out of their situation by trying to grow crops on their land. Another cause of world hunger can include sudden climate changes. Most farmers in developing countries depend on a small portion of land. If this land is destroyed by a natural disaster like a flood, or tropical storm their source of food is washed away.

Poor agricultural practices can also be another cause. This includes soil erosion (loss of nutrients in soil), drought (prolonged period of dryness), increase of deforestation (clearing of trees), and over-cropping (exhaust the fertility of land). Without good and healthy soil, the seeds planted will die and never grow which will result in a lack of food for the family.

War is another cause of world hunger, because of war the habitants of a city which are fleeing refugees...