Feel-good vibes by bret lane. An essay about one's discovery a wonderful thing called music.

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Music; it's so simple, yet so complex. Music has the power to take some individuals from consciousness into other worlds of feel-good vibes. For this reason, I have always loved listening to music, but never even thought about how it's composed. I never knew about the skills behind playing music. Those good vibes from other worlds motivated me to start playing the bass guitar. Being the rhythm in the music, I subconsciously sway my shoulders, tap my feet, and rock out to the sounds. I wanted to create such rhythms that have the power to take others into different worlds.

As I was teaching myself how to play the bass, I was unaware that there was anything else to it besides plucking the strings. A program on my computer called Tabit helped teach me notes from popular songs. I would print out two or three of my favorite songs at the time to learn how to play them in my room.

While sitting on my bed with my black and white Fender bass I would play the songs over and over again until I knew them by heart. After mastering a song, I would toss the guitar stap over my left shoulder and play in front of the mirror as if I was in a concert. The countless hours I spent in my room jammin' on my bass guitar seemed to be paying off. I was learning numerous songs from bands like Sublime, Nirvana, and Green Day. Although I could play their already-written songs, I could never get the knack for composing my own rhythms. I tried playing random strings but a song never resulted out of it. How would I ever create songs that could take others to different worlds if I couldn't even start to compose those songs?...