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Do you ever feel for something to eat but never want to cook? Well I have the solutions for you. I know some of the best restaurants that everyone is guaranteed to love. So to share my favorite restaurants with you will help me remember some of the places I love the most. Shula's Steak House, Joe's Stone Crab and Benihana's are the one's I desire the most just to name a few.

The name Don Shula is well recognized around the world. He could be known for his football career and even his small attempt at a golf career. Now the only thing I know him for is his Steakhouse, and hotel and golf resort. Shula's Steak House located in some of the most prestigious cities in the country; is a unique restaurant with a record as being the best steak house in Miami and other cities. Shula's cut their own beef helping them prevail in winning highest in the industry beef.

Everything about Shula's is different from any other restaurant; the whole menu is printed on a football. Therefore it proves that your selection isn't that large, so the items that they do serve must be delicious. Then the server brings out a live lobster and about four different steak sizes to the table. It is an exceptional way for the customer to select the best size steak for their appetite. Shula Steak House even has a 48-Ounce Porterhouse Club; meaning if you can eat their whole 48 once steak you have free membership to the club and a free meal for the night. The Surf and Turf is the most popular entrée on their menu. The surf and turf is a grilled steak along with a grilled or broiled lobster served with your choice of sides;...