The Feeling Of Freedom

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Freedom is many different things. Things that I believe everyone believes in even if they don't have it. Perhaps Freedom is a type of primal urge that has been passed down to us from our prehistoric ancestors, or maybe it's just a thought, an idea to give us hope.

Today Freedom is valued more than it was a few months ago, before September eleventh. It's strange the only time we think about freedom is when it's either in danger or when we don't have it. But now I guess people are beginning to change that and realize just how important it truly is.

The power of freedom is tomendous it can unite nations and bring people together. It can also destroy and kill a nation and it's people just so they can obtain it. For freedom can do many things.

Freedom comes in many different forms. For example the right to be safe and feel comfort is freedom.

The right to speak one's mind and believe what one wants is a freedom. And Freedom is what this country this great nation of ours is based on.

Freedom is also the basis of many stories because it's something everyone wants. I've recently read a story about a boy whose only wish is to have the freedom to feel safe and love, to feel that he belongs. These are the feelings of many people around the world and that feeling alone is a great thing.

In conclusion freedom is a great force that can't really be explained. For freedom is so different to everyone, because everyone has his or her own belief on what it is. And to me it's more of a emotion, a feeling that must be experienced to understand.