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People sympathise towards others and say i know how you feel, but how can anyone know how anyone feels. No one feels the same way, instead they just lie to each other and lie to themselves.

Why do we have to justify the way we feel to others? feelings arnt made they are jsut there, we cant control them nor can we stop them.

What gets me is people cant except the way others feel, instead they just punish them for their feelings. Its a horrible feeling when people try to take the right of your feelings away from you.

Pople are so scared of the way they feel, and scared to let tohers know how they feel, and i guess this because of the fear of being rejected. Rejection the one thing that causes so much misery upon ones self, and ones self esteem.

Dont hate someone who has feelings for you, because having feelings for you maybe the one thing that truly makes them happy, and the feelings may be so strong, that if you trun around and start hating them, their whole world crumbles, they loose sense of direction and sense of life.

They loose faith in others and worst of all faith in themselves.

So if someone has feelings for you just except it dont hate them, because it may be along time before someone like that comes along. And it may be ahrd to find anyone else who is willing to give up everything for you, and loves you moe then life itself. those are the sort of people who will always be there for you, no matter how hard you try and push them away. You may have completely forgotten about them and let something or someone good get away, but you can always...