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Feelings of belonging to the other gender The book titled "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus" by John Gray applies to how different men and women are in their attitudes, feelings and lifestyles. I have often wondered what it would be like to be a man and have had several questions that interest me about the male species.

Both, men and women, are constantly concerned about looking "good" even though they are physically different. In order to look appealing to others, men are supposed to be big, strong, and athletic, whereas women are supposed to be thin, pretty, and big breasted. I often wonder why we put so much emphasis on the way a person looks. I think males feel more of the pressures of looking " big, strong, and muscular". I've talked to some of my guy friends and they told me that the pressure and competition they are faced with is stressful and painful.

I told them that I am not too critical when checking out guys and when it comes to seeing other females prettier or thinner than me, that I don't feel too much pressure of trying to look better than them. I am rather more concerned of my own health and ways to improve it. I was surprised when they told me that other guys are the ones who usually criticize or pressure them. When I was aware of this, I did notice, at times, while walking around casually with my guy friends, when they weren't looking adequate like the other guys, they would be ostracized by them. I was even surprised when I heard my guy friends talking about other guys right in front of me, even though most of these times I didn't notice anything wrong or different about...