How It Feels To Be Black

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Joseph Napolitano 2/15/02 Lang. Arts I was out in the field picking cotton just like I did every day in this shit hole. I cant take it I said to myself I have to get out of here there has to be away. At least my parents got the easy way out. They died from some kind of sickness. I was still here. My brother was sold to a different slave owner I wish I could see him one more time. Slavery should be band because of the emancipation proclamation ( document /eman/emanproc.html but there is know use moping over it I had to think of how to get out but never go back to any slave owning industry, but how? I should get Frankie to help. I picked my way over to his area and started to talk to him I talked about a lot of stuff and finally led into my idea of thinking of how to escape.

Through that middle of the conversation a crowd of people interrupted us on their way to lunch some of the people Haden eaten since three days ago. They were on the night and day shifts. Soon it would be my turn. For the night and day shift. That's when I could start the book.

It was lunch time and I was in line I heard every one stating there names. When it was my turn I stated my name loud and clear "Percy S. Bergs". This way they would know they did not intimidate me. For lunch we were having corn, some peas and chicken. It may have sounded good. But it was all left over from last week's dinners. The peas had moldy hair on it and the corn was soggy and orange. The meat was just Crap it...