Fellowship Of The Ring

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In this essay i intend to prove that Frodo Baggins, with the help of Gandalf the Grey, was more then a mere hobbit, but took on a great challenge and met with much anticipation, that not only his physical challenges but also mental and emotional would triumph over all, to change all those who saw him as little and irrelevant, and to show how he has grown from start to end of the Fellowship of the Ring, and how Gandalf took that risk to help Frodo through his journey, as well how this all fits into the real world, what was Tolkeins message to those who read his books.

As a sign of self doubt and unwillingness, Frodo has no real choice but to keep the ring for now, "but i hope that you may find some other better keeper soon"(61) Shows that he really does not want the ring, in hope that someone better suited will come and take the ring from him soon, he is very eager to dispose of or transfer this ring elsewhere.

At the same time, "I should like to save the Shire if I could"(61) he doesn't want anything to happen to anyone, and so he leaves knowing he doesn't have a choice, a very selfless act indeed taking everything without thinking of the consequences, but then this was not chosen, it was a forced conception. At this point Frodo is much more aware of his surroundings almost sensative to the air, like all of his senses awoke, but at the same time it makes him weak and fragile, as they start their journey he had a feeling to leave from the sight of the road, and then the black rider showed up, if it were not for his insticts, they might...