The Fellowship Of The Ring

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Bilbo Baggins decided to leave his home and give his magic ring and his estate to his nephew Frodo Baggins he wanted to live his life out in the wild with adventure untill he passed on he was bored just living in the Shire. Frodo was then sent on a journey to save the shire from the lord of evil who needed the ring to become all powerfull. Gandalf a wizard who was an old friend of Bilbo's and also friend to Frodo gave frodo this information and helping him along the wayfrodo then left Shire and gaining a few companions he journeyed to a his relatives who lived outside the shire named the Brandybucks. Frodo found he was being chased by black riders who worked for evil and were out to get his ring. Bilbo was joined by Merry Brandybuck. They then continued into the great forest knowing the blackriders would not follow.

They met a man named Tom Bombadil who saved their lives in the great forest. Tom gave the a place to stay and also helped them along by giving them information about there journey. Tom told Frodo to go to a village called Bree there he would be able to stay safely. They continued wandering always being aware of the black riders who closely followed. At Bree Frodo and his friends met a wanderer named Strider,Strider was sent by Gandalf to help them along there way. Soon after they continued leaving Bree in fear of the black riders.