"The Fellowship of the Ring" by J.R. Tolkien.

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The Fellowship of the Ring Essay

Frodo Baggins is everything a hero should be. In The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R. Tolkien, Frodo fits the requirements of a hero. Frodo goes through the separation, transformation, and return that a hero must go through. He also displays the thirteen traits of a hero. During his quest to return the ring to Mount Doom, he learns many aspects of life. He endures pain, death of a loved one, and occasional happiness. Frodo in The Fellowship of the Ring fits the three parts of a hero's journey and thirteen traits of a hero.

First, the separation for Frodo from his normal life occurs after he receives the ring and while enduring his separation he displays a few traits of a hero. Bilbo Baggins leaves the ring behind and Gandalf gives Frodo the ring to take to Rivendell. He is separated from normal life because he must take the ring to a place where he has never been before.

He has no idea what will happen to him or what he will encounter. This is where his journey and traits begin to show. Frodo is of somewhat of a mysterious origin because the reader does not know where Frodo's parents are. Frodo's journey is not clear or direct because he does not know where he is going and doesn't know anything about the ring. Frodo is separated from Bilbo Baggins and has to leave the Shire. These are two incredibly large changes for Frodo because he has been with Bilbo his whole life and has spent his childhood in the Shire. Frodo is separated from the most important person in his life and is forced to venture off to a place that he has never been to. Frodo displays the first part of...