The Female In Art

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A portrait of a woman delivers peacefulness, comfort and beauty. A figure of generosity and discipline, all describes the beauty of being feminine. The portrait creates a fantasy of living peacefully and harmoniously through its charm and devotion. In the 1800?s, the rich societies appreciated and love the figure a woman in a dress especially in the Elizabethan era. It consists of style and fashion, the tastes of aristocracy where female bodies are pure and divine. For instance Leonardo da Vinci?s Madonna and child shows the love and care of a mother to her child. This creates life by an image of a woman, perhaps the presence of the expression that is within the portrait. Feminism through art delivers respect, different kinds of beauty, meaning and fairness to man.

?Samson loved Delilah, she betrayed him, and what is worse, she did it for money. That is virtually all the bible tells us about Delilah? (Judges 13:16) Delilah, in the Bible, was one of the most beautiful and most tempting woman for man to give up his entire life.

it was never told in the Bible that Delilah ever regretted betraying Samson, enough to have made her name a byword for deadly female allure and to have brought her widespread attention in art and literature. This explains that to any male artist, it is mostly the image of a woman is the very main subject of their weakness. Samson is defined with his actions, revealing him as gullible, impulsive, brutal and vengeful. A man?s power and strength has nothing against the overwhelming charm and attraction of a woman. This is similar to eroticism and pornography. Delilah?s image is same to any prostitute or whore, getting paid for pleasure, though man has a powerful attention to nudity. The beauty of a...