"FEMALE INVOLVEMENT IN POLITICS"- although it was difficult at first, the number of women in U.S. politics is increasing.

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When our country was born in 1776, and even before it, men had control over almost all the important affairs. It was a radical idea for women to be involved in anything other than issues concerning the home. However, later, with the feminist movement, we began seeing females involved in politics, as well as all other affairs that were left to men before. Although there are definitely a higher percentage of women in politics and the number is continually increasing, women endure more difficulty than men in becoming involved in the judiciary branch.

Though also tied with Weitz's coverage of women in politics, this idea of women being less involved was brought to attention while viewing "The Constitution that Delegate Balance", a late eighties political series, hosted by Charles Nessin, a Harvard Law School Professor. In the particular episode, there was a debate about the selection of Justices on the Supreme Court.

Nina Totemberg, a female reporter known for her commentaries and coverage of the Supreme Court was being hounded. Only two women were present in the discussion, among approximately ten men. This small woman to man ration alone is a representation of women involved in politics. Yes there are now a lot of women involved; however, it is still very male-dominated. Women are still well out-numbered.

Women are even better out-numbered in the Supreme Court. Sandra Day O' Conner, the first female member was not appointed until 1991. It's taken over two hundred years for our country to see to that. Yeah that is great; however, even before the beginning of her tenure, she had to endure massive criticism. It became a big issue. Other politicians would bring up, "Why was she chosen over other well qualified nominees? Oh it's just because she is a woman." She was...