Female military personnel are not as effective as male military personnel.

Essay by auhoangA-, April 2004

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Never before have women gained as much equality as they are gaining now. Slowly, since the women right movements, they have moved into various area that were once totally foreign to them such as politics, economy and business. A question then arises whether or not women can joint and measure up to their male counterparts in the field of military, as they do in other fields. People tend either to agree or disagree on this issue. Some, who doubt women's ability, don't know where to stand and take a middle position. Personally, I am of the opinion that female military personnel are not as effective as male military personnel.

As far as physical strength is concerned, women are far from equal to men. We all know that the first and foremost requirement to do military service is a good health. This is the place where your muscles count the most.

However, women in general are not strong enough to put on their slim figures the heavy ammunitions, let alone to carry them along to the battle fields. In addition, they can hardly stand the extremely adverse conditions in the real battle fields, where all you face are just guns and bullets, fire and smoke, blood and flesh. Such terrible conditions will surely discourage most women on their very first experience, I believe.

The second point is that women lack the emotional strength to be a solder. Naturally, women are touchy and sensitive. They cannot be as courageous and fearless as men to kill the enemy without mercy. And they will never be. Is it possible for a women to see her fellow falling down beside her soaked in blood? Is she strong enough not to shed tears and carry on fighting? I doubt it. The bloodshed scenes of the...