The female’s and male’s role in Frankenstein

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FYS 211, Michelle Hoffman and Mike Thicke

American University of Central Asia (2014)

March 31nd, 2014

Zhailoobek uulu Zholoman

The female's and male's role in Frankenstein

While reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, one cannot, or someone notice that some male characters equally with female seem to have passive role. However, some feminists authors critisize the novel because of consisting only passive female roles. Maybe they did not pay attention some details where male equally with female seem to have passive role. It seems like they have investiaged only female's passive role. Feminists forgot passive role of male. However, in order to investigate the novel we need to include all details not only female's passivity. Anne K. Mellor and Cynthia Pon discuss this issue using feministic point of view in their essays which had feministical character and criticize male characters in the novel that are guilty for passivity of women in the novel.

They take each passive action of women in the novel and criticize male characters that are reason for their passivity. Both authors investigate the novel by feministic point. They blamed male characters in the novel for reasons of passive role of woman not paying attention to other circumstances. Actually if we discuss only by female and male characters in the novel we could find many active or passive roles of female and male whole. Even though many people found the elements of passivity of woman in the novel, I strongly believe that there are not any anti-feministic views in the novel, so finding elements of passivity of women do not correspond in order to announce like anti-feministic novel because there are other circumstances where woman play passive role.

On the way scientific prosperity, some discoveries like human cloning can replace the female's control over reproduction of children. Science...