Feminism: "The F Word"

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The F Word, by Jarmel and Gallagher, a short documentary-type film, asked various men and women what they thought about feminism. The F Word gave many peoples’ definition of what feminism is, what it is to be a feminist, and if they considered themselves one. One person’s definition was, “…Women working together toward a common goal,” and another one was, “…the struggle for liberation for all people.” One of the quotes that appeared on the screen said something along the lines of men call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments other than that of a doormat, which was my favorite. Some men were very supportive of feministic ideas while one man said, “feminist refuse to take into account,” that there are biological differences between men and women.

I found the music videos to be quite humorous, although there were many hiding, underlying issues behind the lyrics and the actual video.

In “The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun,” I found it quite stereotypical that they blame the fact that the Queen went crazy was because she was on her period. This is something that has been perturbing me for years! Blaming your actions, or even better when men blame your actions, on your period is an easy way out instead of finding the actual reasons of the why a woman may act a certain way. I loved how in “Hey Baby” the lead singer says she doesn’t have anything against men, just stupid men! I can say I share the same sentiment. “Heterosexual Man” was pretty much based around the idea that mean think women are only needed as a way of reproducing or relieving sexual needs, and the justification for this way of thinking was, “I’m a heterosexual man.” Although this video was humorous I find it to...