The Feminism's Apprehension

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Feminism is a group of females who urge for a society's change based on their interest during a particular time period. American feminism is divided into three different time periods. The first wave feminism was paying attention at the abolitionist movement. The second wave feminism began in the civil rights movements which their awareness was toward more about political. The third wave feminism is focused on the social roles hold by woman-of-color and a definition of feminism which fits into the whole universal. Although both feminisms do not have the same urge, they are all focused on an improved female's life standard which is accepted in both feminism and society. As Freedman said, "Understanding the complex history of women's movements can help [to] ensure that the feminist revolution will succeed" (Freedman 347). It is not just a revolution but an evolution of feminism. Due to the limitations of discussing the deeds of different waves feminism, this paper break down the feminism movement into two categories: the concern on woman's right and identity; the merge of globalization and a new definition of feminism.

Before the feminism is actually being used as an official term to define woman who urges for equality between men and women, several women wrote about the right of woman in their texts. Christine De Pizan is one of them who wrote about the conflict between woman's roles and society's perspective on woman. In one of her poems, she wrote that men see women as dreadful liars who are faithless, fickle, low, and loose (De Pizan 147). She then argued that if women are such a creature, men should not pursue women from any resort to schemas (De Pizan 148). Hence, she claimed women are a good creature from the God's love. Women are mortal individual who are...