About the Feminist Movement in the 19th Century in parts of America.

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The origin of feminism wasn't just an idea to achieve economic, legal, political, and social change in society. It wasn't just about women's rights and issues either. Its motive was to cease all forms of discrimination and violence against people. I've come to the realization that many people have negative stereotypes about feminists, but feminists are strong people who are pro-women and they want to create a productive society and encourage public acceptance of equality and justice of man kind. Many people are unaware of the great history of American women. They were women from different races, backgrounds and generations; common mothers who devoted their lives to family, wives who learned to obey their husbands, and daughters who were only looked at as burdens, from revolutionary women who were brave soldiers fighting alongside their husbands in battle fields, colonial women who practiced virtually every form of job held by men and more, to black slaves who never knew what it was like to be human.

They were the women who never knew their potential. But there were extraordinary individuals who fought for abolition, suffrage, labor, etc., who were underestimated, disrespected and looked down upon as inferiors; and truly believed they deserved much more. Their tenacity, persistance, ardent devotion and dedication towards the progress and quality of life have come a long way. The work is not finished. There will be many failures along the journey. There are mistakes to be made, and there are many more battles to conquer, but without the past there is no present. They have created a new meaning for their purpose, virtue and existence in their lives in spite of the obstacles that hindered them to limitations weighed down by reality.

The idea of Feminism first came from a British woman living at the...