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All of us lead life with some type of anxiety over certain issues, with the inevitable though of death. This play was written by the well-known playwright, August Wilson. This is a story of Troy Maxson and his family. Troy Maxson is an aggressive man who has an imaginary battle with death going in his mind. His whole life is based on supporting his family and making sure that his children never have be without the comforts of life, unlike when he was a child deprived of those comforts. His own abusive childhood was very influential in making him an abusive father who wants to run his younger sons life. Cory's life was based on his own past experience. When Cory sees the bright future of being a football star ahead of him, he joins the team. Troy being a stubborn man he does not want Cory to join the football team.

The main reason for this decision is when Troy was a young man he was very good in baseball but due to the racial prejudices in the league and at the time, poor Troy was not able to show his great talent to anyone. This is one thing that makes Troy want to ruin his own son's life. Also through the whole play is a woman called Rose, which is Troy's wife. She is the only one holding the whole family together. During the play Troy has an affair with a women named Alberta. Eventually Rose finds out about this affair. She is so devastated. During this time we find out what Roses hopes and dreams were. She left all these hopes and dreams behind when she married Troy. Now all she wants is a happy home and family life since her past was very...