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Building a fence between a relationship is often an easy thing to do. In fact, is much easier to build one of these fences is much less difficult than solving the actual problems that exist between the relationship. I know this because I am guilty of this offense on many accounts. Most of the time, however, these fences do not last forever and that the problems once faced are multiplied after the fence has fallen. One particular case of this that I can recall with great familiarity was when I built a fence to single out my best friend from all of my other friends.

l felt that my best friend was falling away from me much to my sadness. It wasn't the fact that she disliked me or anything of that nature, but that she was becoming more and more popular, especially with my other friends. Not that this was a bad occurrence, but it soon began bothering me.

It made me feel as if I was insignificant as a friend to her, and it seemed to me that my friends were stealing my best friend from me.

Because I hated to losing my best friend, I attempted to erect a fence with my friend and myself on one side leaving my other friends on the other side of the fence. The way this fence worked was that I was the only one allowed to pass through the fence. I could freely crossover the fence as I pleased, however all others were excluded. This fence worked wonders for my needs. I retained my best friend to myself and I still held on to my other friends as well. I was living in a nearly perfect world.

My perfect world soon crash head on with...