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Don L. Burse

Ms. O'Connor

Period 3rd Honor English

April 23rd, 2014

The early to late 1950's was tough for African Americans they was discriminated and not allowed a lot of freedom. Sports was one of the most biggest issues in the 1950's African Americans wanted to play sports so much they started making their own leagues like the Negro League Baseball League. In Fences by August Wilson the main theme is Betrayal and Pride can cause a family to tear apart and stop them from loving and caring for each other. The author communicates this theme through the characterization of Troy, The conflicts in the story, and Cory's reaction to his father's death. The author tells us of different forms of betrayal also by the setting and the characters characteristics.

Troy is characterized as a proud and responsible man throughout the story. Troy is also characterized as stern and hard headed because he fails to understand his family's wants but, provides everything they need.

For example when Cory wanted to play college football Troy simply refused to let him join and there was no debate his mind was set. "Rose: Why don't you let the boy go ahead and play football, Troy? Troy: I decided seventeen years ago that boy wasn't getting involved in no sports. Not after what they did to me in the sports". (Wilson 39). This quote shows how Troy's mind is set about Cory and that no one can change his mind because of his experience in sports. His mind is stuck in the old generation and he doesn't think that it will ever change not even for his son. Another example of how Troy's personality is when he talks about how embarrassing it was for him to use his brother's war money to be...