Fences - The Never Ending Conflict

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In the play "Fences" by August Wilson, the main character, Troy Maxon is having conflict with Cory because Cory didn't respect Troy on some of his decision toward their family including Cory himself.

The first conflict that Cory seems to hate his father for was because Troy is afraid of Cory may succeed where Troy did not. As it begins, Cory is going to be recruited for Basketball. But Troy seems to be offended by this for some reason and he didn't let Cory join the team anymore. Later, Troy brought up that he did it out of love because he didn't want Cory to be lost in life so to speak. Cory has to get a job so he could catch up with society and later support his family. And sport won't do him any good in this case. But yet, facts are facts Troy didn't want Cory to have a better shot at being famous than him because when Troy's a baseball star the coach only let him play for a limited period of time because of how old he is.

Troy said fighting with death seems to be normal than letting his son becoming better than him shouldn't be that hard either. But yet he risks his sons love and future just to feed his jealousy. From this point on Cory's respect for his dad seem to be faded to the very second of Troy's life.

In the middle of the story Cory was very mad at Troy for running off with another woman and letting Rose to take care of his child. Alberta was her name and after having Troys child she died of a painful death. By running off with Alberta, Troy was totally wrong. His reasons were that he wanted something different and...