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Did you ever wonder where and why we live the way we do? With the goal of answering it,the Chinese developed a tradition of techniques that combines commonsense, fine aesthetics, and mystical philosophy. This tradition, called Feng Shui, is both an art and a science that aims to ensure that all things are harmonious with their surroundings. Theapplication of Feng Shui ranges from planning entire cities and empires to placing aguest at the dinner table; from the orientation of high-rise office buildings, to theinterior decoration and furnishing of a house or a room.

Not only is this system used in China, but also in other parts of Asia. It is also known as geomancy. In Korea it is called Pungsu and in Vietnam Dai Ly. Japan, Hong Kong,Amsterdam, London, Lucerne and Paris are among the various cities in the world that, inone form or another, used Feng Shui, to build their cities.

Today Feng Shui is widelyused in the Western world as well as Asia (Field 1998).

In the Western world, New York City for example, Pun Yin served as a consultant to manybusinesses, family restaurants and private residences. Her expertise was used in numeroustimes to plan and develop the architectural base and interior decoration of residencesand offices. This can involve the right location of object inside rooms, the selection ofthe right colors for a room and the appropriate location of entrances to houses orapartment buildings (Walters 1988).

The Feng Shui masters calculate the balance or unbalance of natural energies in a home orbusiness. Feng Shui deals with chi (energy). Since mass and energy are interchangeable,chi can be in the form of matter, energy or a combination of the two. Therefore, chi canbe visible, invisible, or partially visible and partially invisible. The ancient Chineseclassified all things of nature into...