Fenway Park:5x5 essay including the 5 senses on Fenway Park

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Fenway Park is my favorite place in the world. Fenway Park is the home of the Boston Red Sox. It is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Fenway Park opened on

April 20th, 1912. I am about to give you a description of Fenway Park. Fenway Park is a big, green, ballpark. It has a big, green wall in left field with seats on top of it, and a scoreboard at the bottom the big, green wall is known as the Green Monster. It also has a foul pole in right field that would be foul in any other ballpark

, the foul pole is known as Pesky Pole named after the light hitting Johnny Pesky. Fenway Park has a dugout on the first base side which is the home teams', and one on the third base side which is the away teams' dugout. Fenway Park added two bullpens in right field in 1940, that are also known as Williamsburg because when Ted Williams came to the sox he hit so many home runs there.

The retired numbers also sit in right field That is what Fenway Park looks like.

Fenway Park can be one of the loudest stadiums in the world. It gets so loud sometimes you can't hear yourself yelling. There is always people chanting, and singing.

It is never quiet there. You can even hear the ball hit catcher's mitt, and the bat hit the ball. Fenway Park is never quiet.

Fenway Park has great food, and great junk food. Fenway Park has a very wide variety of food. My personal favorite is their sausages. They have good drinks too. Fenway Park's food is the best.

Fenway Park's floors feel sticky from soda, and are full of junk. Since Fenway Park is so old the...