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Austin Cobb

Dr. David LeMaster

English 1301 - Tu/Th 10:10

15 September 2014

Shooting in Ferguson, MO

On August 9, 2014, 18 year old Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, MO. An officer who was responding to another call, received another call about a robbery at a convenience store. There are different reasons of why the shooting occurred that fateful day. A video by a citizen nearby, shows Michael Brown arguing with the policemen. The video shows Brown had a knife in his hand and he was shouting at the police to shot him. His friend, Dorian Johnson, who was walking with him said the officer opened fire when the two teens refused to move from the middle of the street to the sidewalk. Numerous reports say he was unarmed and "complying" with the officers, when the officer fired.(The New York Times)

Within the same week, several Ferguson residents held a candlelight vigil to honor Brown's memory.

They all gathered again on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson for a peaceful protest shouting, "No justice, no peace" and were met by police officers in riot gear, carrying rifles and shields. What was supposed to be a peaceful protest, soon turned violent. There were reports about massive looting, a QuikTrip convenience store was among the first and hardest hit business. On August 11th, protesters marched in front of the Ferguson police station until the tactical officers came to clear them out.

Since the selective release of information of the shooting and the anonymity granted to the officer, sparks a fourth day and night of protests that intensifies when the police seek to disperse people using rubber bullets and tear gas. Police later confirm that Molotov cocktails were thrown during the night. "After roiling tensions over...