Ferment in the Middle East: Rise of Islam

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Ferment in the Middle East: The Rise of Islam

The Middle East from its beginning, to even present day now has been a beneficial importance on society as a whole. It is said that in the year 570, in the Arabian city of Mecca, there was born a child named Muhammad whose life truly changed the course of world culture and history today. In any event, Islamic beliefs and culture exerted a powerful influence in all areas occupied by the Arab nations. The ideological and emotional appeal of Islam remained strong throughout the Middle East and eventually extended into areas not occupied by Arab armies, such as the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. The Rise of Islam in the Middle East has impacted the globe.

The first major topic discussed throughout this chapter highlights on the Rise of Islam. This topic was indicated clearly, as well as thoroughly explained and illustrated with maps, text images, and writing that are appropriate and adequate.

The topics and subtopics are divided quite clearly and concise. They are divided where needed. This first part of the chapter is very long, however it gives the reader a better understanding on the early stages of Islam. The topics and subtopics appear to be connected and the information tends to flow relatively well. The overall structure is put together nice, and includes many examples and explains details concisely. The effectiveness of this section of the chapter gets the reader prepared and "up to date" with the information that will come later. The Rise of Islam from pages 184-188 is very informative. After the main topic, there are four subtopics that correlate well with the opening section.

The Role of Muhammad is the first subtopic which includes a few pictures, one large map to help give...