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Across Spanish speaking pais hay many diferente festivals held to commemorate different times in history. Often fiestas that are associated with Spanish speaking countries are brillante and colourful and often dura for several days. Each festival is unico and held in different sitios across all seasons of the year.

Because there are so many Spanish speaking countries with a lot of festivals, our appreciation of these festivals can be based around only a select few. This will todovia be able to demonstrate the richness of cultural vida of these countries.

Poderios help our understanding by discussing the links between Spain and it's origins in the 'New World' and by mirando at festivals in countries such as Spain, Argentina and Costa Rica, Mexico.

Christopher Columbus fue an Italian explorer who along con otros explorers in the late 1470's was looking for a rapido path to get to Asia from Europe.

He pensamiento that if he took the route to the west (which was untried and peligroso) his goals of a faster journey would be successful. Looking for dinero for his trial route around the west he asked he asked for "royal backing" John II who was the King of Portugal for backing but was rejected because Portuguese ships were already taking the Eastern route. After this Columbus moved to Spain where King Fernidad and Queen Isabella agreed to finance his trip, and he set sail on August 3.1492. There is also a Day in Spain named 'Queen Isabella Day' which honours the nacimiento of Queen Isabella who sponsored Columbus viaje to South America.

In October of 1492 Columbus reached the Bahamas believing it was Asia. When Columbus arrived, he told the natives that the island belonged to Spain naming it 'San Salvador' which translated means 'Holy...