FETC Teacher Training Stage 2 Assignment 111 Use techniques and facilitate learning

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Use techniques and facilitate learning

Identification and context of group learning strategies.

Three examples of group learning strategies that have been used are:

a.Tutorial discussions / debate. As a rule the first lesson on a Monday morning starts with a group discussion based around the topic of 'what's out and what's in'. This is a debate aimed at keeping the design group aware of current popular culture and trends. On a rotational basis each member of the group is expected to join in and give an example, then it is opened up to the group to decide if all are in agreement.

b. Directed lesson. Each Wednesday afternoon session is a directed lesson where instructions are given on how to create different effects and styles in one of the essential programs they will need to know when they get a job. The students are encouraged to listen and take notes, creating from an example and using their own initiative to develop their skills.

c.Marked Work Critique (crit). After an assignment has been marked a group crit is organized to look through the work and discuss why it has gained the grade, the positive and room for improvement areas as well as the overall effort and aesthetic appeal. The students again are encouraged to argue their points of view and debate the analysis of their own and their peers work.

Each of these learning strategies requires a different form of delivery and classroom structure. "the subject matter itself may dictate the mode of teaching...the teacher/manager has the responsibility of designing and implementing a strategy of instruction." (Curzon p100 1976.) Often within IT the teaching layout is indeed dictated by the position of the computer monitors. This is the case here for the directed lesson but for the other lessons...