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A Few Good Men 1.WHAT IS THE SUPER OBJECTIVE?? One marine on a base in Cuba was killed from an ordered "Code Red"�. He was killed for trying to get off the base by writing letters complaining he is mistreated and wants to transfer to another base. Santiago, the marine that was killed was the main topic of the film, because the trial of the two marines who killed him were supported by Lt. Daniel Kaffee who is another major part in the movie. He proves that Col. Nathan Jessup called the code red , therefore the two marines were found not guilty however were discharged from the Marine Core.

2.WHAT IS THE THROUGHLINE OF ACTION FOR EACH CHARACTER?? Kaffee, Galloway, and Weinberg- On the side with the two convicted marines, they work together although sometime not the best team they got everything handled smoothly.

Jack Ross- On the opposing side of the Kaffee and really thought things were in good position until one day his opponents completely swept the mood.

3.WHAT IS THE CHARACTER INTENTIONS? The defending side of the court are all trying to work together and make this bad situation come out clearly. Jack Ross is looking to make them go to jail for a long time.

4.WHAT IS THE CHARACTERS MOTIVATION? The motivation of both sides of the court is the fact that they already know each other and are already in competition before even going into the court room, but once they are up against each other they become more and more interesting.

5. WHAT IS THE CHARACTERS SENCE OF URGENCY?? Once the court room scenes started getting a little steamy and really develop the more face to face discussions or arguments. It is filled with independent arguments and court testifying...