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Female Circumcision and Child Mortality An understanding of the causes of mortality in the country will help in the formulation of a policy that will directly influence mortality. The struggles and overcoming of sych a horrible process is hard and painful but to only be considered pure if important to the women in Somalia, and other aftican cultures.

Circumcision Variables There are many different variables that contribute to infant mortality. First, there is low female education attainment. Other variables include the introduction of breast milk substitutes, short inter birth spacing, and the reduction of breast feeding. In Somalia, an additional factor may affect both early infant and late child mortality. This factor is circumcision is suspected that female circumcision is a primary cause of infertility, infant, child, and maternal mortality. In this paper, I intend to discuss what female circumcision is, explain the reason for circumcision in Somalia, and describe the effects that is has on women.

Female Genital Mutilation (circumcision) is a destructive procedure that is usually performed on females before they reach puberty. This is when part or all of the clitoris is surgically removed and leaves the young female with little or no sexual feeling. The procedure is done to reduce women to become sexual active before marriage. After this procedure takes place, many health problems occur.

Age groups of Circumcision Women between the ages of fifteen and forty-nine years old have undergone one type or another of circumcision. Sixty-eight percent of the women are circumcised with the Pharaonic style. This is complete mutilation of female genital. Twenty-four percent are circumcised by the excision of the clitoris, and seven percent is completes by the Sunni procedure.

A large percentage of young children die within the first three months due to tetanus, septicaemia, hemorrage or some type of...