The Fiance Short Story about one lucky guy

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"So, what are you doing tonight?" the girl's friend asks.

"Some stupid party," the girl answers, and rolls her eyes.

Her friend sarcastically remarks, "You know, if you don't like parties, it would probably be best if you didn't go to them."

The girl sighs, and nods her head in agreement. "It's just, girls. God knows how many girls are going to be there."

Her friend just laughs at her. The girl lets her mind wonder off and fill with insanely jealous thoughts about her fiancé and "girls." Even though, she knows that she should know better. She will probably never learn. Maybe she needs to grow up a little more.

This girl will probably always look like she isn't a day over fifteen years old, at least until she develops all those forehead wrinkles. Or when her cheeks surrender to gravity and begin to sag just below her chin.

But for the time being, and probably for an even longer time after that, she hasn't even begun to show any signs of aging.

She starts off with thin, layered, golden brown hair that barely brushes the tips of her shoulders. Her nose length bangs encircle her round face in just the right way. She has the tiniest blue-green eyes which can somehow manage to hold an entire ocean of never-ending tears, but that is only during her over sensitive moments. Above her right eye is a dent-like scar. The scar is only around a centimeter in length. It results from some sort of childhood accident. When she smiles, her cheeks dimple. In between those two dimples is her cute, regular nose. Directly below that is a pair of thin, soft rosy shaded lips.

She is not a paper-thin girl, or even really that thin at all. Her arms are...