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Proctor and Gamble Corporation is a blue chip, DOW 30 Company. They said they would get P&G growing again and they have accomplished this goal. They set demanding, realistic growth goals: 46% sales growth, 10% or better earnings per share growth, and free cash flow productivity equal to or greater than 90% of earnings. P&G has met or exceeded these growth goals for four consecutive years. Sales grown more than 40%, to $57 billion they have more than doubled their profits. P&G Generated more than $30 billion in free cash flow, returned $1billion in cash to shareholders through dividends. Have increased shareholder value another $60 billion by nearly doubling the price of P&G stock. (P&G Anuual Report)

P&G is the global leader in all four categories. Baby Care and Feminine care both have global share above 35%. Fabric care has more than a 30% share globally. Hair Care is over 20% in a large and fragmented category.

(P&G) In each of these categories, an innovation affordable price point has resulted in attractive value for consumers. At the same time focusing on increasing productivity throughout P&G.

These are only a few out of many regulatory bodies that impact P&G, using their economical report for the year of 2004.

"Water; Water use has decreased this year while production increased, resulting in the eco-efficiency's increasing by 21 index points. Efforts to reduce water consumed are showing results. The height of the bars (amount of water consumption) has changed substantially between 2002 and 2004 because one of our larger sites, in Cincinnati, Ohio, moved from one GBU to another. This site has since reduced its water use and was one of the main contributors to the overall reduction." (P&G)

"Clairol Receives Green Circle Award; P&G's Clairol plant in Stamford, Connecticut, is a recipient of...