Fiction and the Business Lesson Paper

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Fiction and the Business Lesson Paper

Heather Patten

ENG120/Business Literature

University of Phoenix

Dr. Kimberly Lockwood

March 26, 2007


Fiction and the Business Lesson Paper


This paper will analyze elements of fiction, such as the plot, the relationship between plot and character, the style in which the story is told, the point of view, and the structure that produces tension. This paper will also discuss the lesson(s) being taught. The paper will talk about how the lesson is being communicated and if the lesson being learned is the same for the character and the reader. This paper will analyze "The Virus" by Craig Brown (1991).


The story takes place at the Third National Bank and Trust, in Peoria, Illinois. On April 25, an issue regarding a breach of security arisen. The terminals, or computers, at the branch were sending insults to personnel and customers.

The main issue was how the customers were reacting to the insults. Henry Russell, President and CEO of Third National Bank and Trust, decided to bring in an individual that could fix the problem. There were six facts, Fact One: security breach, Fact Two: the individual that caused the issue was most likely an employee, Fact Three: the individual knew the Banks system, Fact Four: no larceny was involved, Fact Five: due to the security issues at hand, it would narrow the search down, and Fact Six: it was going to be hard finding out whom the individual was. The relationship that the character has with the plot is that the character is telling the story. In hence, the point of view is from the individual called to fix the "virus".

Structure of Story

The structure of the story is very interesting. In the beginning of the...