A fiction story about a night with Norman Bates.

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Norman Bates and I were trick or treating in a haunted cemetery. There was a full moon out and a heavy fog was surrounding us. I started hearing moans and screams coming from the large crypt in the cemetery.

I went over to see what was in the crypt and all of a sudden a bunch of black cats and bats came out of the crypt and frightened me so much my skeleton jumped out of my body. I turned to Norman and said, "Norman we better run it is terrifying in here". Norman said in an icy voice "oh, but the fun is just beginning!!" and in a nanosecond he turned into Frankenstein. He was hideous and I was frightened. I started to run when he grabbed my arm and said "don't leave or I will turn you in to a jack-o-lantern". I said "no don't please!!" and with that he bit me and I turned in to a Vampire.

We ran out of the cemetery and went to my house. At first I did not recognize my house because there were skeletons and pumpkins all over the yard. We went inside and I saw my mom dressed up in her corny pumpkin costume ready for trick or treaters. Norman, or I should say Frankenstein, bit her and turned her in to a terrifying and eerie witch. We went back to the cemetery and Frankenstein dug three graves. We each jumped into one.

If you go to that cemetery you will hear our eerie voices saying "Happy Halloween", and if you stay too long you'll be joining us too.