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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1. Finished reading How to Win at Poker by Jeff Rubens and I am now ready to win! 2. Poker Night- this time at my apartment. Did much better this time; I broke even! Seems my losing streak is over.

3. Bought a ticket to Jets football game for the 17th from a friend. Also went food shopping. 4. A coworker of mine told me about his long-term bond investment. I am really interested and will research this opportunity. Called Wells Fargo and Fidelity immediately. 5. Discussed Jane EyreJane by Charlotte Bronte. Next week we will discuss David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. What a load! 6. Second basketball game of the season. Boy, were we ready. Too bad we lost, 29-28 on a last minute desperation shot by our opponents. 7. Bad news!! My beloved great-aunt Auntie Tilly passed away! Family is heartbroken.

Received $250 from her. Called Shlomo who will fly in tommorow. 8. Went to Auntie Tilly's funeral. Mierable, terrible time, although I did get to see Shlomo. Wrong circumstances though. 9. Rented "Clockwork Orange" by Stanley Kubrick. Chilling and disturbing. Too weird for me! 10. Watched the Jets game on TV today. They lost to Oakland on the road 7-31! Hope they play better next week when I see them at the stadium. 11. Went to the music store and picked up Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". What an album! 12. Skipped the book club today because I did not finish David Copperfield! 13. Decided to invest in the Wells Fargo Diversified Bond I (NVMFX) at the minimum investment of $250. The five year average return is 6.87 percent! 14. Basketball practice today. I should really be running more, I am getting winded in the first few minutes of the basketball practice! 15. I think I have the flu today, so I will stay home from work. Must drink plenty of fluids! 16. More poker with buddies! Although I did not win, I did not lose either! I am getting much better at my bluffs.

17. Jets football game! Really exciting, although they lost 7-10 to the Detroit Lions. Playoff hopes are dwindling! 18. Ran a mile and a half in the park! Could not do any more. I will try tomorrow, maybe it will be better this time. 19. I enjoyed "Dark Side of the Moon" so much I had to buy another Pink Floyd album! This time I chose "Wish You Were Here!" 20. Third game of our basketball season. We finally won! What a close game; 40-36. I felt much better after this game, maybe it is the running. 21. Happy Chanukah! Had my parents over to light the first candles. We even spun dreidles. What a pleasant evening! Whoops,I forgot the presents! 22. Ran 2 miles and in the park, although I was winded, I feel much better. 23. Went shopping for presents. The holiday shopping scene is the worst.

24. Went to a singles mixer at the Temple. I am depressed that I did not meet anyone. Well, I will try harder next time. 25. No work today! I decided to sit myself in front of the tube and just relax. What a day! 26. Called my old high school buddy Syd Barret. Wanted to catch up on old times. We will meet at Starbucks tommorow. 27. Decided to go to the movies. Saw The Grinch with Syd, after meeting him at the Starbucks. Jim Carrey is quite hilarious, although a film will never be as entertaining as the Seuss book. December